School of Engineering and Informatics (for staff and students)

Student Reps (click here for list of your Reps)

Introducing your Student Reps. Don’t forget you can contact the student reps at any point during the year if you have a question or issue relating to your teaching, learning or wider student experience at Sussex.

School of Engineering and Informatics student representatives for the academic year 2022-2023:

Design and Business (Foundation) Vacant   
Engineering (Foundation) Vacant   
Engineering PGR Vacant   
Engineering PGT Priyanka Rajashekara
Engineering PGT  Collins Mark Igbinosa
Engineering Year 2 Jamie Franklin
Engineering Year 3 Tuleen Ali
Engineering Year 4 Charlie Westpfel
Engineering Year 4 Charlie Westfel
Informatics (Foundation) Vacant   
Informatics PGR Vacant   
Informatics PGT  Auns Ahsan
Informatics PGT  Badrunessa Putul
Informatics Year 1 Charlotte Richardson
Informatics Year 1 James Jensen
Informatics Year 2 Mathew Turner
Informatics Year 2 Ajaz Noorzai
Informatics Year 2 Semhar Tesfazgy
Informatics Year 2 Aleksandra Yonchevska
Informatics Year 3 Ben Steventon
Informatics Year 3 Thomas Harwood
Informatics Year 3 Beth Pope
Informatics Year 3 Patryk Prejs
Informatics Year 4 Sneha Madnani
International Student Rep Emad Rizvi
International Student Rep Cagla Tarioglu
Product Design Year 1 Athena Khademi  
Product Design Year 2 Amirah Mehdi
Product Design Year 3 Vacant   
Sustainability Student Rep Krishna Ashok Upadhyay
Sustainability Student Rep Cagla Tarioglu

If there is currently no representative for your course and year, and you would like to volunteer, please email the School Office:

What do student reps do?

Reps ensure that student concerns, views and opinions are heard and acted upon by the University and the Students Union. By consulting students about their teaching and learning experience and taking these views to the University, reps ensure that good things get emulated in other courses/departments/schools and the bad things get changed. Essentially this means that reps:

  • find out if students in their department year / School have any concerns or issues relating to their course or student experience at Sussex;
  • relay these issues to the University’s academic departments, senior management, and Students’ Union and make suggestions for change;
  • relay the outcome of any meetings with the University or Students Union back to the students they represent.

By doing this, reps play a key part in reviewing and improving the student experience at Sussex.

All Student reps in the School attend the termly School Student Experience Group (SSEG) meeting, a forum for the student reps to discuss items, issues arising from their constituents and any other items of concern about the University as well.  These meetings are minuted and these are available for all students to view (see the Student Rep Meeting Minutes page).

School reps also will make sure to liaise with students outside of SSEG meetings to ensure that issues are dealt with in a timely manner at the above committee and others which they attend, and that information, responses to queries and relevant decisions are fed back their constituents after the committees have met.  



School of Engineering and Informatics (for staff and students)

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