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Texas1As part of your course, some modules will require the loan of equipment/materials for projects or coursework.  There is a procedure to follow for the loan and return of such equipment and it is important that you familiarise yourself with the process, terms and conditions and, with the Module Convenor, complete a full risk assessment at the start of the loan period.  The School of Engineering and Informatics Equipment Loans Co-ordinator works with Module Convenors and students to ensure the smooth running of the process and acts as a point of contact between you and staff.  All email communications to the Co-ordinator are via a central address: Below are some FAQs on the whole process; if you find that these do not answer your query, please speak to your Module Convenor or email the Co-ordinator whose office hours are below.

How do I book equipment/materials?

Module Convenors will email the Equipment Loans Co-ordinator at (copied  to Dave Tucker, Technical Services Manager) to confirm the necessary equipment and your name. The Co-ordinator will then populate a shared spreadsheet which the Module Convenor will also be able to access. If the following forms are completed at this stage, then these should also be attached to the email.

Students must complete the Equipment Loan Agreement Form (PDF) or Equipment Loan Agreement Form (.doc) as far as possible and then email to their Module Convenor to complete, at which point the return date for the equipment will be confirmed. Please use the PDF version of the equipment loan agreement if possible.

Module Convenors must also complete a Risk Assessment Form (.doc) for each loan, which they will send to you for your signature.

Module Convenors will then forward both signed forms to the Equipment Loans Co-ordinator, again copied to Dave Tucker.

Where do I collect my booked equipment?

Module Convenors will deliver all kit to the Equipment Loans Co-ordinator in the FTL lab, opening times below:

  • Monday: 10AM to 12PM 
  • Wednesday: 1PM to 3PM

The Co-ordinator will inform you by email when your kit is ready for collection. When you arrive to collect what you need, the Co-ordinator will refer to your signed paperwork and confirm the date for return and remind you of the implications for late return or damage to equipment.

All loans must be collected promptly. If, for any reason, you are delayed in collecting booked equipment, you should contact the Equipment Loans Co-ordinator at as soon as possible. It may be possible to amend the collection time.

Don't forget to bring along your ID and library card because these are required to sign out loan equipment.

When is the FTL Lab open?
  • Wednesdays: 2- 4pm
  • Thursdays: 1-3pm
Can a friend collect my equipment or book equipment for me?

No, all equipment must be collected by the person who booked it. ID cards must only be used by the user they are issued to.

Students and staff may only make bookings in their own name. However, multiple students can work on a session together provided the student who makes the booking is present at all times. The named student or member of staff is responsible for ensuring that the rules are adhered to.

Equipment must not, under any circumstances, be sub-let by the borrower or passed to another student. Passing equipment directly to another student is not the correct procedure for handover and full responsibility for every item would remain with the signatory.

Delegating the equipment return to another person is only permitted through prior arrangement with technical staff and full responsibility remains with the person named on the booking.

How long can I keep equipment for?

The standard equipment loan period is from the date and time of collection until the time and date agreed with the Module Convenor and Equipment Loans Co-ordinator. Extensions may be granted as detailed below.

What should I do if I am going to be late returning equipment?

We understand that sometimes situations occur that may cause you to miss your returns deadline. If you are unable to meet the returns deadline, you must contact the Equipment Loans Co-ordinator ( to your Module Convenor as soon as possible to let them know. 

If the equipment is overdue and you have not contacted the Co-ordinator, they or your Module Convenor will send you a reminder.

How do I request an extension to my equipment loan?

Equipment loan extensions will be considered, with written permission from your tutor, for a maximum period of three weeks and is dependent on its availability. All requests for equipment loan extensions will be reviewed and assessed by the Module Convenor.

Students must check the availability of the equipment with the Module Convenor prior to making an extension request.

An extension request should include:

  • A detailed list of the equipment including: type of equipment/kit; serial number; module/course; date of collection; recipient name; email; return date
  • The agreed return date
  • An outline of the project and why the extension is required
  • The Module Convenor's authorisation should be emailed to in advance of the original return date and time.
Can I take equipment on location in the UK?

Yes, but the following steps must be taken into consideration:

  • Staff and students should ensure that everything has been done to ensure their safety, and the safety of others, whilst on location. Students should discuss the location details with their Module Convenor and both should agree and be satisfied.
  • Staff and students are responsible for completing all necessary ethics approval and risk assessments linked to their work on location.
Can I take equipment abroad?

Loan equipment may not be taken outside of the UK.

What should I do if I lose or break a piece of equipment?

Lost, damaged or stolen equipment must be immediately reported to the Equipment Loans Co-ordinator at copied to the Module Convenor.

In the event of items being stolen, you must report the incident to the police as soon as possible and obtain a crime number.

Items not returned within the agreed loan period following email reminders will be treated as lost and any further loaning rights may be withdrawn until the matter has been resolved as agreed by the Technical Services Manager, Dave Tucker and the School Administrator.  This can lead to an invoice being issued for the cost of the equipment, so be sure to respond to email communications and report any problems immediately.  Module Convenors will also be informed.

Please refer to the terms and conditions in your Equipment Loan Agreement Form (PDF) for more detailed information.

How should I return the loaned equipment?

Please email copied to the Module Convenor to arrange a time to return your equipment.

If an item is not returned or reported lost or damaged, the user will be liable for the cost of repair or replacement. 

Where a like-for-like replacement item is no longer available for purchase, a fee based on the replacement value will be levied.  Cheaper alternatives will not be accepted.

Users with overdue items outstanding will not be permitted any further equipment loans until the overdue items have been returned. 

If, for any reason, you are delayed in returning equipment, you must contact the Equipment Loans Co-ordinator and Module Convenor as soon as possible.  It may be possible to extend the loan or for alternative arrangements to be made for the next user.


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