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Coursework submission support

When and how to submit

Go to your 'Assessment Deadlines & Exam Timetable' in Sussex Direct for all submission details including the date, time, and place. Most coursework is submitted via Canvas. Follow the 'submit online' button in your timetable.

Your submission should be anonymous and identified only by your candidate number. Do not write your name anywhere on your work.

Late submission

Check your 'Assessment Deadlines & Exam Timetable' in Sussex Direct. The permissible lateness period, if any, is displayed in square brackets after the date and time for each assignment. Hover over or click this link for further information including the late penalty. Note that some types of assessment, such as presentations or group work, have a zero-lateness policy.

Submission within the 24 hour late period - 5 marks will be deducted.

Submission within the 7 day late period - 10 marks will be deducted.

Note that Canvas will show the non-penalised mark and Sussex Direct will display the penalised mark.

You can make an exceptional circumstances claim for late submission. You should submit your assessment within the late period specified for the assessment and, if your claim is accepted, the late penalty will subsequently be waived. 

No submission will be possible beyond the final submission date on your own assessment timetable. In this case you can make an exceptional circumstances claim for an excused non-submission. The exam board may let you take an uncapped sit to retrieve the mark at the next assessment opportunity. You can also make an exceptional circumstances claim for impairment. See 'Types of claim'.

If you are registered with Disability support and have reasonable adjustments, you're already entitled to an automatic late penalty waiver, where your assessment allows this. You don't need to submit an exceptional circumstances claim to request a late penalty waiver. Hover over or click the permissible lateness link to find details relating to each assessment.

An extension beyond the late period is only permitted via prior arrangement through Disability support.

Resubmission during the permitted late period

Before your deadline, you're allowed to submit your work multiple times. Each upload will over-write the previous one. Once the initial deadline has passed, Canvas will no longer allow you to replace a previously submitted piece of work. For help with this, see coursework support inbox section below.

E-submission error & coursework support inbox

Email the Engineering and Informatics Coursework Support inbox: if you are having difficulties with an electronic coursework submission. If appropriate, you will be guided through the e-submission error process. You must save your work to your University OneDrive account to provide evidence of a date and time stamp for your file. Work will not be accepted without this evidence.

ZJSU-Sussex AI Institute students should

Examples of issues with electronic submission:

  • Unable to submit during permitted late period having submitted an earlier version of the file accidentally
  • File size issues
  • Technical problems
  • Issues with Canvas
  • Uploading to wrong submission point

NOTE: All students are permitted to use the e-submission error process ONLY ONCE per academic year.

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