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National Student Survey (NSS)

The NSS is a high profile annual census of all final undergraduate students across the the UK.  The survey asks students to provide feedback on their courses in a nationally recognised format.  The survey consists of 27 core questions relating to the following aspects of the student experience:

  • Teaching on my course
  • Learning opportunities
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Academic support
  • Organisation and management
  • Learning resources
  • Learning community
  • Student voice
  • Overall satisfaction

The results from the NSS are made available on the Discover Uni website which is designed to help prospective students make the important decisions of where and what to study.  The results are also used by the University to identify what is going well, where improvements can be made and to enhance the overall learning experience for current and future students. 

The NSS runs between January and the end of April 2022.  Results will be available in July.

These pages are for all staff involved in the promotion and monitoring of the National Student Survey (NSS).  Use the navigation menu to find further information about the NSS and resources of follow these links: