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End-of-term questionnaires

End-of-term evaluation questionnaires are continuing for 2018/19. These questionniares will gather formal feedback on a student's individual modules, and also aim to get an insight into overall satisfaction across a number of themes used in the National Student Survey (NSS) such as assessment and feedback, or learning resources. 

This questionnaire will be in two parts with the first section focussed on modules. Students will be asked to rate their individual modules, letting us know how satisfied they are with each one. Free text comments on the modules will also be invited. This new tool replaces the Module Evaluation Questionnaires (MEQs) which were administered via Sussex Direct.

The second section of the questionnaire will be more focussed on satisfaction and engagement. Questions will be taken from the revised National Student Survey (NSS) and split over the two survey points so as not to overburden students. The recently revised NSS questions can be found on the HEFCE web pages

The questionnaire will be delivered online through Sussex Direct and students are able to edit their survey responses up to the closing date.

Guidance for staff and students has been produced and is available on the following pages:

The complete list of questions for each terms' questionnaire are available on the EoT questionnaires Questions page.

Undergraduate finalist students will only be invited to complete the first module-focussed section of the questionnaire as they will be contacted separately by an external agency to take part in the NSS. Likewise, PGT students will only complete the first section of the Sussex questionnaire to provide feedback on the modules they have studied. 

Students will be invited to complete the questionnaire towards the end of the module. The autumn term questionnaire will be open for completion between 3 December and 31 December 2018, and the spring term questionnaire from 1 May to 19 May 2019.

To complement these end-of-term questionnaires, module convenors are encouraged to gather informal mid-module feedback. For more detail on this please visit our mid-term feedback webpage.