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SDF Match Funding

Purpose of the fund

  • This route is for applications to the SDF for "match funding" requests only. 
  • Applications will be prioritised where institutional match funding is explicitly expected or required by an external funder and stated in their call documentation. However, applications will also be considered where there is a clear funder expectation for match funding.
  • Applications are expected to be aligned with strategic objectives of the University and/or Schools, and in particular will be aligned with both areas of strength or growth and external opportunities.
  • Applications should represent good value for money, i.e. a good benefit to cost ratio. 
  • Cross-School applications are particularly encouraged.

Duration and funding limit

  • The maximum duration of an SDF award is five years, however, it should not exceed the duration of the external funding award.
  • The minimum SDF request is £100k.
  • There is no maximum level of funding that can be requested from the SDF, however, it must be proportionate to the external funding request.  Value for money will be considered against the expected benefits described in the application.
  • Costs requested must be for Directly Incurred Costs only.  Directly Allocated costs are not eligible.
  • If the external funding application involves collaborators, there is an expectation that the Sussex match funding requested should be proportionate to that provided by project collaborators.


  • The SDF for match funding is open to faculty from all disciplines.
  • BSMS-only initiatives are not eligible as the appropriate application route is the BSMS joint Board.  BSMS is eligible to receive SDF funds if colleagues are involved in collaborative proposals with other Sussex Schools.


If you would like to discuss your SDF application please contact Debbie Foy,  

All financial queries relating to the costs requested from the SDF and any provided by Schools should be directed to Chris Chaplin in the Finance Division,

The budget for your external funder application should be developed with your Research Development Manager 


Please read the call specification for more information on how to apply and the review process.

All applications must use the SDF Match Funding application form.



Please refer to the FAQs which will be updated each time the team receives a new query.