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What is Research Professional?

What is Research Professional

Research Professional is an online database of research funding opportunities and a source of international research policy and practice news. You are free to browse the content of the site, create customised searches of its content and share this information with colleagues. All of the information you need to get up and running can be found in the 'Help Topics' sections to the right.

If you are new to Research Professional...

If you are new to Research Professional, you might want to start by looking at the 'Getting started' section, Quick Start Guide [PDF 98KB], User Guide [PDF 265KB], or contacting your Research Development Manager.

The University is a Networked subscriber: This provides additional tools for individual users.

Research News and Funding Opportunities

News and Funding: The two main collections of content you have access to in Research Professional is their News content, containing international news on research policy and practice created by their own editorial teams, and Funding, a searchable database of open research funding opportunities.

Funding Insight: Funding Insight is a collection of additional news and data aimed at helping researchers decide which opportunities to apply for, and to help you make stronger applications. As an institutional subscriber to Funding Insight, you will find a wealth of additional information on the Funding pages in Research Professional, and you will also have access to the Awards section, where you can search for information on previous award winners.

Features of Research Professional
  • Comprehensive database of funding opportunities.
  • Search by a variety of criteria:
    • Sponsor
    • Discipline
    • Award Type
    • Closing Date
    • Sponsor Country
    • Applicant Nationality
  • Get up to date Funding and Sector news:
    • Research Fortnight
    • Research Fortnight Today
    • Research Europe
    • Research Europe Today
  • Workgroup funding opportunities specific to you and your schools
  • Set-up e-mail alerts for funding opportunities and/or research news
  • Awards – search previous successful applicants to the Research Councils, Wellcome Trust and Leverhulme
  • Know How - Guidance on developing winning proposals from leading PIs and managers
Accessing Research Professional

There are two possible options for accessing Research Professional:

  1. Campus Access – This provides a quick and easy route to research professional’s database without the need to register. However, the features are limited. You CANNOT save searches but you can e-mail any search results to yourself or anyone who you think may be interested.
  2. Self-registration – This takes around 5 minutes to complete. For straightforward instructions please see the Quick Start Guide [PDF 98KB]. The added benefit of registering is that you can set up e-mail alerts and save funding searches, which will automatically update. The research development team is always on hand to assist with registration and to help you set-up your personalised funding searches. Also keep an eye out for your workgroup funding folders (set-up by your Research Development Manager).


Any feedback regarding Research Professional usability or features you would like to see added/improved upon please contact