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Reflecting in a present event

Reflecting in an event - Example Model, Schön (1991):

  • Advantages: Helps professionals like medics and sports players to gain professional artistry and increase professional confidence​.
  • Criticisms: Highlights the difference between reflective hindsight and reflective insight but ​provides minimal guidance for either​.  
Schon (1991) Reflection in action Reflection in action - Thinking about it during the event - Deciding how to act at the time - The experience itself - Acting immediately

Reflective writing exercise - reflecting in an event

Write about why you have come to the University of Sussex.​

  • What are your present feelings about your decision?​
  • How are you managing your course?​
  • What challenges have you become aware of?​

Write at least 250 words​

Video on structure and four models (University of Liverpool)

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