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Reflecting in a present event - activity

Reflective writing exercise - reflecting during an event 

Look at the writing exercise below.

Write about why you have come to the University of Sussex.​

  • What are your present feelings about your decision?​
  • How are you managing your course?​
  • What challenges have you become aware of?​

Write at least 250 words​

Labelling task

Below is an example written response to this writing activity. Identify and label the related sections of text in this response, into the following four types:

  1. the reasons why
  2. the feelings
  3. the approaches taken to manage their course
  4. the challenges

To do this, select the section of text with your mouse and then click the related button beneath to label that section according to three categories listed above.

If you encounter difficulties with this activity, please try this alternative version.

Example response

I’ve come to Sussex because it was recommended by a friend of my parents and then I found I liked the look of the History course. We came down in the car for Open Day, and it was the first time I’d visited Brighton and I loved the light. I’ve always wanted to live by the sea but I didn’t realise I’d have to have campus accommodation in my first year. That was all right. The campus had a really welcoming vibe and I could go into town whenever I wanted to. I went there a lot. At first I was worried I’d made the wrong choice because two of my best friends had gone to Lancaster and were on about weekends spent on Lake Windermere and I felt sad I wasn’t with them on the boat. But after Freshers Week, I started to settle in and have a routine and go to classes. For the first few weeks I found juggling all the different course components and taking notes a bit overwhelming because I hadn’t needed to organise so many different materials before and my room became like a mess with books and papers piled everywhere. In the end the cleaners refused to touch it and I had a letter from the hall manager saying I had to clear up the papers cos they posed a fire risk. And my mum and sister came down and took charge and found some box files in Wilko and now I’m very happy with my decision about coming here and a bit more organised. I keep up to date with the reading, though I tend to get immersed in my pet topics. The next hurdles are really choosing the most appropriate options going forward because I’ve always loved Ancient History, but since starting the course I’ve come to enjoy post-colonial Latin America, and then the Scientific Revolution was an eye-opener so I’m not sure what to choose next term. I am currently enjoying my course and finding it interesting. I also love the people I have met since coming here and the activities I’m involved in. However, I am more looking forward to next year when I have more choice of module options and can study History in more depth. The challenges I face now are managing my time more efficiently in order to complete assignments.

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