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Searching beyond Library Search

When searching on Google Scholar not every article in your search results will be freely available as a full-text article. Often, only a small proportion of the texts are available on the internet. This is because access to content published in quality academic journals often requires a paid subscription.

Sussex Library pays subscription fees in order for you to access a wide range of academic content. When you search on Library Search it may not be obvious that the online material you are accessing is made available through these subscriptions. Your Sussex Library account provides you with direct access. This is not the case when you are searching on Google Scholar. However, you can directly access Sussex Library subscribed material on Google Scholar by changing your Google Scholar settings.

How to link your Sussex Library account with Google Scholar

1. In the left hand corner of the Google Scholar homepage, click on the menu button. Click 'Settings' from the dropdown menu.


Google scholar screenshot 1


2. In the settings page, click 'Library Links' from the left-hand side menu. In the search box, search for 'University of Sussex'. Click 'Save'. 

Google scholar screenshot 2

3. Select 'Find it @ Sussex - Find it @ Sussex (online) and UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX - ProQuest Fulltext. 

Google scholar screenshot 3

4. To view a full-text article from the search results page, click of the PDF link on the right-hand side of the results list.  

Google scholar screenshot 4 

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