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Presenting your essay

You should be given a style guide that sets out how the school /department expects you to present your work. If you are using e-submission you should check the guidance for accepted file types and sizes.

But if you are still in doubt use:

  • 12 point Times New Roman font 
  • double spacing 
  • margins of 25 mm at top and bottom, 40 mm on left.

On your first page include:

  1. essay title and
  2. student ID number

Number each page and make sure your bibliography is presented in the correct departmental style. Make sure your essay is free of mistakes: see Copy-editing and Proofreading pages.

For each module you take you need to find out which referencing system you are expected to use. If you are unclear about which referencing system you should use, ask your tutor. For more information about how to reference see Referencing pages.

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