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Making notes

Effective note-making can help you to make sense of what you are learning and remember it later. For general principles, see Note-making.

Before doing this activity, check Note-making and read the Guide to reading and noting.


This activity will help you to practice making notes from a text. Choose an essay title below and then try making notes using the suggested reading for that essay. You can do this on a piece of paper or using an appropriate app on your mobile or tablet.

Essay title: Is capitalism the cause of or solution to environmental problems?
Suggested reading: Ecology and Society: An Introduction by Luke Martell pages 62-72.
Download [pdf 1.0 MB] to complete activity in hardcopy.

For help look at our example notes on Martell's text [pdf 0.2 MB].

Essay title: What are the influences affecting children's acquisition of gender roles?
Suggested reading: Chapter 5 Gender Identity and the development of gender roles by Robin Banerjee.
Download [pdf 1.8 MB] to complete activity in hardcopy. (This text has been used with permission from the publisher. Please note: Copyright © The Open University 2005 All rights reserved).

For help look at our example notes on Banerjee's text [pdf 0.5 MB].

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