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Making notes

General principles:

Making notes is a really useful reading strategy. Good note making can help you to make sense of what you are learning and to remember it later. General principles for good note making are explored in our Note-making tutorial. It includes some information you may have already encountered in our reading and research section but also details of different note-making styles, useful note-making symbols, tips from students and an activity so you can practise taking notes from a lecture.

If you haven't already looked at our Note-making tutorial you might find it helpful to do this now before starting this activity. Make sure you've read the Guide to reading and noting


This activity will help you to practice making notes from a text. Choose an essay title below and then try making notes using the suggested reading for that essay. You can do this on a piece of paper or using the on screen text box.

Essay title: Is capitalism the cause of or solution to environmental problems?
Suggested reading: Ecology and Society: An Introduction by Luke Martell pages 62-72.
Download [pdf 1.0 MB] to complete activity in hardcopy.

For help look at our example notes on Martell's text [pdf 0.2 MB].

View Martell pages 62-72

Essay title: What are the influences affecting children's acquisition of gender roles?
Suggested reading: Chapter 5 Gender Identity and the development of gender roles by Robin Banerjee.
Download [pdf 1.8 MB] to complete activity in hardcopy. (This text has been used with permission from the publisher. Please note: Copyright © The Open University 2005 All rights reserved).

For help look at our example notes on Banerjee's text [pdf 0.5 MB].

View Banerjee Chapter 5

These texts are available in pdf format, to be read via Adobe's Acrobat Reader. If this does not download automatically, please download Acrobat Reader free of charge.

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