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Try taking your own lecture notes

If you haven't already looked at our pages on Different note-making styles used by students and Taking notes in lectures you might find it useful to do this now, before trying this activity.


This activity gives you the opportunity to listen to part of a lecture for first-year undergraduate students and practise taking notes. If you've never been in a lecture before, this will provide you with an idea of what to expect. You can choose from two lectures: Dr Alana Lentin's lecture, Race: Conflict and Change or Dr Paul Craze's lecture, Evolution and Ecology of Life. Click on the tabs to choose whose lecture you'd like to listen to and then click the Play button to start the audio and view the PowerPoint slides. You can practise making notes using the on screen text editor or by hand. Once you are done click on the Finished Taking Notes button and see how you did.

Reveal notes checklist

To see examples of students' notes take a look at the Different note-making styles used by students.

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