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Getting a new bicycle

Staff can get new bicycles and safety equipment with savings of up to 42% through the University of Sussex Cycle to Work scheme.

A government-backed initiative, the Cycle to Work scheme allows staff to obtain a bike and/or cycling accessories to use for riding to work while making tax and National Insurance savings from your gross pay. You choose your combination of bike and accessories and then rent the equipment through salary sacrifice from the University. 

Who is eligible to participate in the Cycle to Work scheme? 
The scheme is open to all full‐time and part‐time employees of the University whose contracts will run for 14 months or more at the time of ordering the bicycle.

Can employees from other organisations such as SussexFood or SEF apply?
The scheme is not available to employees from other organisations.

How does the scheme work?
You choose a new bike and cycle safety accessories worth up to £1,000 and the University buys it for you. They hire it back to you with reductions in your monthly salary over 12 months. This is called ‘salary sacrifice’ and it allows you to get the new bike you want now and to spread the cost.

How and where can I get the bike?
You can view an extensive range of bicycles and equipment on the Cycle Solutions University of Sussex page. If you’re interested in obtainining items from a local bike shop, Cycle Solutions can set up a partnership agreement with the shop to allow this to happen. Take a look at the Cycle Solutions options brochure to see some of their most popular products.

When do I need to order my bike by?
Eligible staff have been able to apply to the Cycle to Work scheme since April 2017. The scheme will operate until further notice.

What are the benefits of the scheme?
Besides the cost savings, benefits include:

  • a full 12-month warranty for all bicycles
  • you can have your bicycle delivered to your home or workplace free of charge once it has been built and any equipment added
  • Cycle Solutions will check with you to ensure that the equipment you receive is the correct size for you, frame style and in the colour you want
  • you can add any new components or accessories subject to warranty agreements, throughout the agreement period
  • the scheme is set up using tax rules that exempt you having to pay tax on the benefit and therefore you do not have to notify HMRC

How can I find out more? 
Full details of the scheme - including FAQs, a savings calculator and a step-by-step guide to ordering a bike - are available on the Cycle Solutions webpage.

Buying a bicycle

Staff who don't wish to take part in the Cycle to Work scheme can purchase a bicycle and receive an interest-free loan from the University to pay for it in 12 monthly instalments. To do this, you will need to download a form from the Human Resources web pages.