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At the University of Sussex, we care about cyclists and making it as easy as possible for all students, staff and visitors to travel to campus sustainably.

Cycling to and from campus

There are cycle lanes across Brighton, including along Lewes Road (the main route to campus from the city), the seafront, Grand Avenue and The Drive. Many of these routes form part of the national and regional cycle route network.

The local council publishes an online cycle map; you can select the type of route you want to cycle and what you’d like to find on route, including cycle parking, light-controlled crossings, and cycle retail and repair places. More information about cycling in Brighton is available on the City Council website.

The Highway Code clearly sets out rules for cyclists including on equipment, clothing and use of lanes and crossings. It states that every pedal cycle must have efficient brakes and meet the applicable legal requirements. See also Annex 1 of the Highway Code: You and your bicycle. All road users are personally responsible for making sure that their knowledge of the Highway Code is up to date and that they use the road network in a safe and responsible manner.

Benefits of cycling to the University

  • Dedicated cycle paths to campus from Brighton and Lewes
  • Free showers for all cyclists (including use of the Sport Centre and Falmer Sports Complex showers)
  • Free parking and numerous parking stands on campus
  • Helps to keep you fit! Swapping your car for a bike commute has health benefits: lowering blood pressure, improving fitness and even giving you an energy boost. Research at the University of Glasgow found that commuters who cycled were associated with a 41% lower risk of premature death.

Cycling can also help reduce your carbon footprint and save you money - all while avoiding traffic jams.

Learning to ride

Brighton & Hove City Council offer free cycle training courses to Brighton & Hove residents. Level 1 is for beginners; in Level 2 training, you learn to cycle safely and confidently on the roads. And if you want to learn how to cycle safely on busy roads and at complex junctions, Level 3 training is for you. 

City Cycling Skills Brighton & Hove

Hiring a bicycle

We are part of the Brighton bike-share scheme.

Up to 430 bikes are available for residents and visitors to hire from hubs and docking stations at 50 locations across Brighton and Hove, including the Sport Centre and York House at Falmer campus.

BTN Bike Share bicycles outside Sport Centre (landscape)

The scheme offers a range of tariffs to suit both regular and occasional users. Hire costs start from a 3p per minute tariff (minimum £2 charge). Users can also purchase an annual membership at £72, which includes 60 minutes free use every day.

Bike maintenance

Free-Wheelers is a free volunteer-run bike maintenance workshop on campus, where you can get help to fix your bike up for free. The Free-Wheelers bike workshop is open from 1-3pm every weekday during term time under the Falmer House arches, near the Meeting House. If you want to get involved and learn some bike maintenance skills, Free-Wheelers are always looking for volunteers and can train you on the job. You can find the Free-Wheelers on Facebook.

Alternatively, if you live in Brighton or Hove you can sign up for one of the Council’s free cycle maintenance courses; a range of dates are available.

You can also pick up some tips from online tutorials: