Sussex Estates and Facilities

Cycling facilities on campus

Please keep to the designated cycle paths on campus.

Where to park your bike on campus

Please park your bike in one of the designated areas, where cycle stands are provided.

Map of bicycle parking on campus [PDF 559.21KB]

You are not allowed to park your bike in buildings or where it is liable to cause an obstruction, e.g. secured to a fence alongside a walkway or at the entrance to a building. Do not chain bikes to fire exits, or they will be removed by Security.

There is an ongoing programme to increase and improve the range of cycle parking and shower facilities available on campus, including the possible installation of secure, covered shelters.

We keep an eye out for abandoned bicycles. If you leave your bike locked up on campus for a lengthy period, we will issue a warning that we are going to remove it within two weeks. If your bike is still in the same location by then, we will remove it and place it in our compound for a further two weeks. You can reclaim it from there. After that, it will be recycled!

Bike security

We take crime prevention seriously, and as such crime is generally low on campus. However, securing your bicycle is your responsibility.

For a quick guide on how to lock your bike securely, watch this video.

  • Make sure you only lock your bike to designated bike racks.
  • We recommend you use a strong D-lock to secure your bicycle at all times and avoid using a cable or combination lock, which can be cut through more easily by bike thieves.
  • If you leave your bike locked up for a few days at a time, keep an eye on it to ensure that it is secure.

If you see any suspicious behaviour on campus, contact Security at 01273 87 3333.

Showers in non-residential buildings

  • ACCA - Changing Rooms (all gender, approved use only)
  • Arts A - Ground Floor (all gender)
  • Arts B - Basement (female and male)
  • Arts C - Ground Floor (all gender)
  • Bramber House - Second Floor, North End (all gender)
  • BSMS - Ground Floor (all gender)
  • Chichester II - Ground Floor and First Floor toilets (all gender)
  • Essex House (all gender)
  • Falmer House - First Floor (all gender)
  • Falmer Sports Complex - various (all gender)
  • Freeman - Ground Floor (all gender); Basement (female and male)
  • Friston - Ground Floor (all gender)
  • Genome - Ground Floor (all gender, approved use only)
  • IDS - restroom in Octagon (all gender, approved use only)
  • Jubilee - Ground Floor (all gender)
  • Library - Basement (all gender, approved use only)
  • Pevensey I - Ground Floor (male); Ground Floor (male and female)
  • Richmond - Second Floor toilets (male)
  • Shawcross - Ground Floor and First Floor (all gender)
  • Sport Centre - various
  • Student Centre - various
  • Sussex House - Second Floor toilets (female); Second Floor toilets (male) (approved use only)
  • Trafford Centre (all gender, approved use only)