School of Psychology

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psychology_school (all staff & dphil students)
psychology_all (all staff)
psychology_seminars (all staff & all postgrads & other relevant staff)
psychology_acadall (all academic staff)
psychology_resonly (all research staff)
psychology_teachres (all teaching and research staff)
psychology_acextra (external academic staff working in the school - e.g informal visitors)
psychology_visitors (people in the 'visitors' list maintained by HR, e.g. Visiting Fellows)
psychology_psall (all professional services staff)
psychology_psadmin (all support staff)
psychology_pstech (all technical staff)
psychology_psextra (external professional services staff working in the school e.g. temps)
psychology_tutor (Tutorial staff, e.g. Associate Tutors)
psychology_postgrads (all Dphil & masters students) (all Dphil students) (all masters students) - Head of School Coordinators - School Office - Academic Faculty - Postdocs

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