School of Psychology

Modules - current academic year

TitleCodeTerms taught
FHEQ Level 3 (sub-degree)
Applied PsychologyC8502Autumn Semester
Psychology: Health & Clinical AC8501Autumn Semester
Psychology: Health & Clinical BC8501BSpring Semester
Social PsychologyC8502BSpring Semester
FHEQ Level 4
Cognition in Clinical ContextsC8508Autumn Semester
Individuals and GroupsC8510Autumn Semester
Psychology as a scienceC8511Autumn Semester
Analysing dataC8891Spring Semester
PsychobiologyC8003Spring Semester
Psychology of ChildhoodC8813Spring Semester
FHEQ Level 5
Cognitive PsychologyC8551Autumn Semester
Developmental PsychologyC8546Autumn Semester
Discovering StatisticsC8552Autumn Semester
Professional Placement Year (Type A)C8900Autumn & Spring Teaching
Professional Placement Year (Type B)C8901Autumn & Spring Teaching
Brain and BehaviourC8518Spring Semester
Quantitative and Qualitative MethodsC8300Spring Semester
Social PsychologyC8035Spring Semester
FHEQ Level 6
Attention: Distraction, Daydreaming...C8895Autumn Semester
Biological Psychology of Mental HealthC8504Autumn Semester
Caring and HelpingC8014Autumn Semester
Cognitive NeuroscienceC8517Autumn Semester
Communicating Global WarmingC8567Autumn Semester
Depression in AdolescentsC8902Autumn Semester
Educational PsychologyC8899Autumn Semester
Engaging and Assessing People with SMHPC8700Autumn Semester
Health PsychologyC8017Autumn Semester
Intro to Therapeutic Interaction CYPC8996SAutumn Semester
Living Well: Modes of Self-FocusC8852Autumn Semester
Peer RelationshipsC8854Autumn Semester
Perspectives on PsychologyC8840Autumn Semester
Psychology and CultureC8571Autumn Semester
Psychology of AppetiteC8839Autumn Semester
Psychology of Collective ActionC8566Autumn Semester
Psychology of Crowd BehaviourC8817Autumn Semester
Psychology of SleepC8905Autumn Semester
Science of MemoryC8853Autumn Semester
Self RegulationC8894Autumn Semester
Social Cognitive DevelopmentC8045Autumn Semester
Social Connection and DisconnectionC8570Autumn Semester
The Psychology of Elite PerformanceC8568Autumn Semester
Understanding Barriers & Access to MWC8933MAutumn Semester
Understanding Clinical PsychologyC8524Autumn Semester
Understanding Mental Health Within EducaC8985SAutumn Semester
Underst Models, Policy & Healthcare LegC8995SAutumn Semester
Working w/ the Community to Provide GMHC8934MAutumn Semester
Psychologically-inf Int for SMHPC8702Autumn & Spring Teaching
Research DissertationC8824Autumn & Spring Teaching
Advanced Topics in PsychologyC8525Spring Semester
ADV Psych-informed InterventionsC8703Spring Semester
An Awareness of CYP Community ServicesC8931JSpring Semester
Assessment, Engagement and InterventionC8997SSpring Semester
Caseload Management in SchoolsC8986SSpring Semester
CBT Informed Interventions for CYPC8998SSpring Semester
Clinical Psychology in PracticeC8002Spring Semester
Comparative PsychologyC8871Spring Semester
Conscious and Unconscious Mental ProcessC8828Spring Semester
Contemporary Topics in Child DevelopmentC8851Spring Semester
Drugs, Brain and BehaviourC8528Spring Semester
Engaging and Assessing People with SMHPC8700SSpring Semester
Intro to Therapeutic Interactiion CYPC8996JSpring Semester
Manipulating MindsC8904Spring Semester
Nature and Nurture of Mental HealthC8896Spring Semester
Organisational PsychologyC8041Spring Semester
Positive PsychologyC8892Spring Semester
Psychologically-inf Int for SMHPC8702SSpring Semester
Psychology of Exercise and WellbeingC8849Spring Semester
Psy Perspectives on Self & IdentityC8027Spring Semester
The Psychology of InequalityC8898Spring Semester
Understand Models, Pol & Healthcare LegC8995JSpring Semester
Underst Models, Policy & Healthcare LegC8995MSpring Semester
Working with the Family within EducationC8987SSpring Semester
An Awareness of CYP Community ServicesC8931MSpring & Summer Teaching
Care PlanningC8701Spring & Summer Teaching
Caseload Management in the CommunityC8932JSpring & Summer Teaching
Supervised Skills and PracticeC8988SSpring & Summer Teaching
ADV Psych-informed InterventionsC8703SSummer Teaching
Intro to Therapeutic Interaction CYPC8996MSummer Teaching
Assessment, Engagement and InterventionC8997JT3 and Vacation Teaching
Assessment, Engagement and InterventionC8997MSummer Vacation
Care PlanningC8701SSummer Vacation
Caseload Management in the CommunityC8932MSummer Vacation
CBT Informed Interventions for CYPC8998MSummer Vacation
CBT Informed Interventions for CYPC8998JSummer Vacation
Understanding Barriers and Access to MWC8933JSummer Vacation
Working With Community to Facilitate GMHC8934JSummer Vacation
FHEQ Level 7 (Masters)
Kindness and Wellbeing: Methodological PD1KW02Dist Learn Block 1
Kindness and Wellbeing in Professional CD2KW03Dist Learn Block 2
Interventions to Promote K&WD3KW04Dist Learn Block 3
Conceptual perspectives on K&WD4KW01Dist Learn Block 4
Kindness and Wellbeing: Methodological PD5KW02Dist Learn Block 5
Kindness and Wellbeing in Professional CD6KW03Dist Learn Block 6
An Adventure in Statistics976C8Autumn Semester
Barriers and Access to Mental Wellbeing933C8MAutumn Semester
Classic and Contemporary Social Psy306C8Autumn Semester
Clinical Skills: practitioner919C8Autumn Semester
Co-ordinating Care & Managing a Caseload986C8Autumn Semester
Cognitive Psychology (Masters)809C8Autumn Semester
Contemporary Issues in Clinical Psych912C8Autumn Semester
Developmental Psychology (Masters)928C8Autumn Semester
Engaging and Assessing People with SMHP700C8Autumn Semester
Ethics and the History of Psychology310C8Autumn Semester
Fndmtls of Therapeautic Int with CYP996C8Autumn Semester
Fundamentals of CBT406C8Autumn Semester
Mental Health in an Educational Context985C8Autumn Semester
Models, Psychopathology & Legis CYP995C8Autumn Semester
Principles of Supervision401C8Autumn Semester
Promoting Psy Knowledge Supervision402C8Autumn Semester
Qualitative Research Methods947C8Autumn Semester
Research reform and open science301C8Autumn Semester
Research Skills in Psychology307C8Autumn Semester
Social Neuroscience994C8Autumn Semester
Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience901C8Autumn Semester
Working w/ the Community to Provide GMH934C8MAutumn Semester
Working w/ the Community to Provide GMH934C8JAutumn Semester
CBT for Anxiety (Complex Difficulties)400C8Autumn & Spring Teaching
CBT for Depression(Complex Difficulties)403C8Autumn & Spring Teaching
The Research Process973C8Autumn & Spring Teaching
Wellbeing-focused Psych-informed702C8Autumn & Spring Teaching
CBT Supervised Practice907C8DAll Year Teaching
Advanced Research Methods for Occ Psych103C8Spring Semester
Advanced Research Skills in Psychology304C8Spring Semester
Advanced Statistics978C8Spring Semester
Adv Research Methods in Cog Neuroscience980C8Spring Semester
ADV Wellbeing-focused Psych-informed703C8Spring Semester
An Awareness of Community Services CYP931C8JSpring Semester
Applying Psychology in Business305C8Spring Semester
Bayesian Statistics975C8Spring Semester
Big Data in Clinical Psychology and Ment977C8Spring Semester
Biological Psychology (Masters)922C8Spring Semester
Clinical Psychology & Individual Diff.926C8Spring Semester
Clinical Psychology in Action914C8Spring Semester
Dev Mods, Psychopathology & Health Leg995C8MSpring Semester
Dev Mods, Psychopathology and Health Leg995C8JSpring Semester
Engaging & Assessing People with SMHP700C8SSpring Semester
Facilitating Therapeutic Processes404C8Spring Semester
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging954C8Spring Semester
Fundamentals of Therapeutic Interaction996C8JSpring Semester
Neuroscience of Consciousness993C8Spring Semester
Programming for Experiments946C8Spring Semester
Social Psychology (Masters)966C8Spring Semester
Supervising EMHP/CWP Practice405C8Spring Semester
The Brain Across The Life Span943C8Spring Semester
The Clinical Psychology Research Process916C8Spring Semester
Therapeutic Eng, Ass and Int with CYP997C8Spring Semester
The Social Psychology of Organizations108C8Spring Semester
Treatment Models and their Evaluation913C8Spring Semester
Wellbeing-focused Psych-informed702C8SSpring Semester
Working with Wider Family987C8Spring Semester
ADV Wellbeing-focused Psych-informed703C8SSpring & Summer Teaching
An Awareness of Community Services CYP931C8MSpring & Summer Teaching
Care Planning in Partnership701C8Spring & Summer Teaching
CBT for Anxiety (Advanced)409C8DSpring & Summer Teaching
CBT for Depression (Advanced)410C8DSpring & Summer Teaching
EMHP Supervised Skills and Practice988C8Spring & Summer Teaching
Empirical Project in Consumer Psychology309C8Spring & Summer Teaching
Informed Interventions for CYP998C8Spring & Summer Teaching
Managing a Caseload in the Community932C8JSpring & Summer Teaching
Research Dissertation935C8Spring & Summer Teaching
Fundamentals of Therapeutic Interaction996C8MSummer Teaching
Therap Assess, Engage & Inter with CYP997C8JT3 and Vacation Teaching
Barriers and Access to Mental Wellbeing933C8JSummer Vacation
Care Planning in Partnership701C8SSummer Vacation
CBT Informed Interventions with CYP998C8MSummer Vacation
CBT Informed Interventions with CYP998C8JSummer Vacation
Managing a Caseload in the Community932C8MSummer Vacation
Therap Assess, Engage & Inter with CYP997C8MSummer Vacation

Please note that the University will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver courses and modules in accordance with the descriptions set out here. However, the University keeps its courses and modules under review with the aim of enhancing quality. Some changes may therefore be made to the form or content of courses or modules shown as part of the normal process of curriculum management.

The University reserves the right to make changes to the contents or methods of delivery of, or to discontinue, merge or combine modules, if such action is reasonably considered necessary by the University. If there are not sufficient student numbers to make a module viable, the University reserves the right to cancel such a module. If the University withdraws or discontinues a module, it will use its reasonable endeavours to provide a suitable alternative module.