Department of Physics and Astronomy

Assessment information

Undergraduate Examinations Office

The University's central office for examinations has a webpage that includes links to the exam timetable and to the handbooks for candidates. This includes criteria for degree classification, general University rules on progression criteria, and so on. Please note the calculator rules.

Progression criteria

This document [.pdf] tells you what you need to do to pass the year: these criteria are local to Physics and Astronomy, and are imposed in addition to the University rules detailed in the handbook above.

Late work and mitigating circumstances

Click here for the University Academic Office site with the latest information on penalties for late submission and how to apply for Exceptional Circumstances.


Working together on problem sets is to be encouraged but, except where explicitly stated, the production of joint work is regarded as collusion and will be reported to the Misconduct Panel. It is a serious academic offence, with serious consequences. If you work with someone else on a problem then we recommend that you tear up your notes before rederiving the solution on your own.


See handbooks for appeal rules and procedures. You should be aware that appeals must be made within three weeks of the publication of results.

Examination Rubrics

Physics and Astronomy examination rubrics changed significantly in 2006 for several exams. While most exams are using the traditional-style rubrics where the best 2 solutions to 3 questions are counted, some exams now consist of a compulsory Section A (to test the learning outcomes) where all questions need to be answered, and a Section B where 2 out of 3 questions (which are slightly more demanding) must be answered. Exams in Skills in Physics have again a slightly different structure. Check out the Rubrics to find out more details.


You are only permitted to use University of Sussex approved calculators: Casio fx-50, fx-82, fx-83, fx-85, fx-115, fx-350, fx-365, fx-570 or fx-991 (all with any suffix). Any unauthorised calculators WILL BE removed. You may not take instruction notes or booklets for your calculator into the exam. We cannot guarantee to supply calculators to students who have forgotten their own or who do not have an approved calculator. Candidates are not permitted to share calculators.

Miscellaneous documents

Physical constants sheet [.pdf]

Past exam papers (accessible on campus only)

Final year project presentation marksheet and assessment criteria [.pdf]