Digital Tuesdays

As part of our Digital Skills service, we are offering a series of short workshops over the Spring term. These are taking place in the Library Open Learning Space every Tuesday at 12pm.

Digital presentation tools 

During this session we will look at a range of digital presentation tools that you can use to create engaging presentations. Areas that we will focus on are collaborative tools to facilitate group work, tools to help you make your presentations visually appealing as well as tools which allow you to add interactivity into your presentations. You will be introduced to a number of free-to-use tools including Google Slides, Sway, Haiku Deck and Nearpod and will have a change to try these out for yourself. If you are able to, please bring a laptop or mobile device with you.

Book your place - Tuesday 10th April

Students share their top tools for study

In this session we will share tools that we find useful for studying including referencing tools, mind mapping, information gathering and time management.

Book your place - Tuesday 17th April

How to unplug: digital wellbeing

In this session we will show you some easy to use tools and strategies for helping you focus and unplug. So if Snapchat notifcations keep interrupting your writing or you struggle to turn your phone off at night then come along for some handy tips.

 Book your place - Tuesday 24th April

Digital tools and tips for time management 

In this session learn about some of the different digital tools and approaches that can help with your time management. 

Book your place - Tuesday 1st May

Zotero for organising references and creating bibliographies

This session will help you to maintain academic integrity and avoid plagiarism by demonstrating how the reference management tool Zotero can make the process of referencing easier. If you would like to follow along with the demonstrations please create a free account for Zotero before the session. You may also find it helpful to bring a laptop to the session.

Book your place - Tuesday 8th May