Network and internet

The main network at Sussex is called eduroam. You can connect your device to eduroam using wi-fi or a wired connection.

Before you begin:

  1. Make sure you know your Sussex username and password (confirmed when you registered)
  2. Check that the date and time are set correctly on your device
  3. Ensure that your wi-fi is turned on and that your computer is not connected to a network cable
  4. Make sure you're protected from viruses before you connect to the wi-fi network.

What type of device are you connecting?

Connecting your non-Android device

(iPhone / iPad / Windows computer / Apple computer / Chromebook / Linux computer / Kindle)

connect an iphone, ipad, Apple computer, Windows computer, Chromebook or Linux device

If you're not on campus:

If you are on campus:

connect to the network connect to the wi-fi network called

plug your computer into a wired network port or connect your computer to a wired network port.

Your web browser will usually open automatically. If it doesn't, open it now. You will be redirected to the connection page, which contains the instructions and files you will need to get online.

Connecting your Android
phone or tablet

connect an Android device
  1. You will need to be connected to the internet, so please ensure you're online. You could use your phone's data connection or an alternate network such as your home network or the o2 wi-fi service on campus.
    If you're connected to the wi-fi network called, please disconnect now.
  2. Open the Google Play app on your device and search for the eduroamCAT app. Install this app.
  3. Once installed, open the eduroamCAT app and look for a profile called University of Sussex. If you are on campus this will be the top of the list, otherwise you will need to search for it.
  4. When prompted for a username and password, your username is your Sussex username (such as ano123) followed by Your password is your standard Sussex IT Services password.

More information...

Connecting to wi-fi

diagram of laptop with wifi symbol

If you have a Sussex username and password, you can connect your own computers or mobile devices to the Sussex wifi service, eduroam.

Connecting with a cable

diagram of laptop with ethernet link

If you are living on campus, you can plug your computer into the network connection in your room using the pink cable supplied by your residence.

Please check your cable to make sure that the little plastic locking tags are still intact - if a tag has snapped off, then the cable won't 'lock' into the computer or wall socket properly, causing intermittent network problems. Please also make sure that, when you unplug the cable, you remove it carefully by holding down the tag on the top of the plug. If you just pull on the cable forcefully, you could damage the tag or the socket.

If the tag on your cable is missing, you can take the broken cable to the porter and ask for a new cable.

Connecting to the wired network in offices or common rooms

You can use the same procedure to connect a personal laptop to a network point in the Library or other common area. You can also use the network points in staff or researcher offices which are normally labelled with a blue tile.

If you are a researcher or member of staff and you are unable to connect your computer to the network point in your office, please contact IT Services for support.

Trouble connecting?

Troubleshooting your eduroam connection.

If your device isn't listed on this page, or if you're unable to connect your device to eduroam, please bring it to the IT Service Desk in Shawcross.

Please don't call the IT Service Desk as we are generally unable to help diagnose wi-fi problems over the phone.

Visitor wi-fi service

If you're visiting Sussex and don't have a University username and password, please use the O2 Wifi network.

Cable networks

USB to ethernet adapter

If your laptop doesn't have a network socket, you can use a USB-to-ethernet adapter to connect.

More about eduroam

eduroam is used at universities all over the world. Once you are set up to use the wi-fi at Sussex, you can usually connect get online at another participating institution. Find out more about eduroam at Sussex on the Introduction to eduroam page.