O2 Visitor Wi-fi

During their time here, visitors to the university can get online for free with the O2 wi-fi network. Available across campus, it is a free service offered by O2 and is available to anyone. We recommend that students and staff continue to use the eduroam network, but the O2 network now provides a way for all visitors to get online, including visiting academics and teaching staff as well as suppliers, contractors, friends and family.

How to connect

Select O2 Wifi on your device from the available wi-fi networks. You will be asked to enter your phone number to which a code will be sent. You can then enter the code as directed and this will enable the connection. Your device will now be registered with O2 Wifi and it will be able to connect to any public O2 network in the country.

Visit the O2 Wi-Fi website to see how to connect:

Problems connecting?
It is possible to experience a delay receiving the message sent from O2 providing the code which you need to log on to the network.
If this happens, you can still get online quickly. Click on "Didn't get the text?" and then select "No mobile coverage?"

You will then be given temporary access to the network. When you next try and log onto the network, you will be asked for the code that you will likely now have received.

Please note that o2 have announced a weekly maintenance window on Thursday mornings from 00:01am until 05:59am. They have suggested that users may experience interruptions to service on the o2 network for up to 30 minutes during this window.

See also

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Updated on 13 February 2024