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How to connect to Wifinity

Wifinity - Wi-Fi 


Wifinity, which is only available in residences, should be primarily used to connect games consoles and smart devices to the internet. Once registered, all students have free access to the Wifinity basic package (up to approximately 100mbps). There is the option to upgrade your service for a fee. 

We still recommend using eduroam for connecting your computer, phone, tablet or other device used for educational purposes. 


How to get online

1. You must be in or near a campus residence for the Wifinity Wi-Fi to be visible on your devices' list of available connections. 

2. Open your device's Wi-Fi settings and select 'Wifinity Student'. 

3. We recommend turning off 'randomised/ private mac address' for a more stable connection. (Especially iPhone users).

a. Click or tap the settings/ properties icon next to the Wifinity Wi-Fi. 

b. Look for 'randomised/ private Wi-Fi/ MAC address' and turn it off. This may be located within a Privacy tab. 

4. The Wifinity registration page will pop-up. (Or visit in your browser if it doesn't appear). 

5. Select one of the three options;

a. 'Free' provides approximately 100mbps. We recommend changing the plan length from 1 month to 1 year using the button above. 

b. 'Essential' offers a faster internet speed for an additional fee. You can choose to pay this monthly or annually using the button above. 

c. 'Awesome' offers the fastest speeds on campus for an additional fee. You can choose to pay this monthly or annually using the button above.

6. Log back into the Wi-Fi using the password emailed to you from Wifinity. 


For further instructions visit the How to get online Wifinity support page. 


Adding or removing devices from your account

To use the Wifinity Wi-Fi you will need register the devices you would like to use so that when the network "sees" the device it'll connect straight away without having to sign in every time. 

Follow the instructions to do this on the Wifinity Adding or removing devices to your account instructions. You will need your devices' MAC address. 

A MAC address is a short set of numbers and letters that is unique to your device. The Wifinity network can see your MAC address and if it has been added to your account it will be put straight on to the internet - How to find your device's MAC address.



- For a more stable connection - you should turn off 'randomised hardware/mac addresses' within your devices' connection settings. 

- iPhone users may have difficulty connecting - To fix this make sure you turn off 'Private Wi-Fi address' in your wifi settings. This doesn’t affect your privacy, but it enables Wifinity to let your device online. For more information read the How to turn off private Wi-Fi instructions. 

- What to do if you have patchy connectivity - Follow the instructions for fixing an intermittent service issue



If you feel that Wifinity has not satisfactorily dealt with your case, you can raise a formal complaint through their customer support team. The complaint will be handled by a senior member of the team until resolution. Be aware that all formal complaints need to be raised directly by the registered user.

Please see the Wifinity complaints procedure for more information



All support for Wi-Fi within residencies is handled by Wifinity.

Contact Wifinity directly for any support TEL: +44(0)20 8090 1290 Email:


Forgotten Wifinity Username or Password

Wifinity support page 

How to connect to Eduroam  




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