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How do I turn off Clutter in Office 365?

Clutter is an email filtering option available on Office 365.  It is similar to an anti-spam filter as it moves less important email (based on your reading habits) into a 'Clutter' folder where they can be ignored or reviewed later.

If you are finding that emails that you want to go to your inbox are going to the clutter folder you can turn it off.


1. Log into Office 365
2. Click the Settings icon (gear in upper right corner)

Office 365 Options Cog

3. Select Options
4. Select Automatic Processing
5. Under Clutter, un-tick both the boxesturn off clutter

6. Click Save

Also see FAQ 2786 How do I move emails in the Clutter folder to my inbox?

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Created by Paul Ryan on 22 April 2016 and last updated by Richard Byrom-Colburn on 23 September 2016