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How do you set up access to a shared account with Outlook on a Mac?


Following these steps means you can access another email account from inside your own Outlook inbox, a shared account or a role-based account for example, and the two accounts will act as separate entities.  If you send an email from the second account, the email will be saved in the Sent Items folder of that account, and not your own. 

The instructions below for setting up a shared account in Outlook on your Mac are based on Outlook 2011. 

  1. In Outlook, go the Tools menu in the menu bar and select Accounts…

  2. Click the + icon in the bottom left corner of the Accounts window.

  3. Enter the email address you want to add to your account.
    Under Authentication, keep Method: as User Name and Password.
    In User name: add the alpha-numerical user name associated with the email account (eg ano123 or grp-0000).
    In Password: enter the password associated with the email account.
    Keep the Configure automatically box checked.  This should work, but if it doesn’t and you are asked to enter a server, you just need to type in that box.
    Finally, click Add Account.

  4. You then have the option to change the account description (useful, as it will distinguish the two email inboxes in your main Outlook window) and the full name associated with the account as it will appear on emails sent from the account.  

  5. On the left panel of the Outlook window, you will see the two separate accounts under Inbox and Sent Items with further associated folders shown separately below. 




We've also provided instructions for this process for a PC.


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Created by Claire Craig on 22 May 2015 and last updated by Richard Byrom-Colburn on 23 September 2016