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How do I integrate my reading list into my module site?

Integrating your online Reading List into Study Direct puts your readings at the heart of where students will expect to find them, allowing students to access resources quickly and easily.

First you will need to check if your online Reading List has been linked to its corresponding Study Direct site. To do this, go to your Study Direct module site and scroll to the bottom of the page. If your Reading List has been connected you will notice that there is a link to the list at the bottom right of the page under Library Links. If this link is not visible you will need to send an email to and ask for it to be connected.

screenshotHowever, this link is difficult for students to find. Following the steps below will increase the visibility of your readings and will mean that your Reading List will appear with the corresponding section within the module site. It might be that you want to integrate your lists on a weekly basis, or thematically, or it could be that you simply integrate the whole list at the start of your teaching.

To do this, first go to the section of your site that you wish to add readings to. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click +Add resources. Among the options of resource types, click +Reading lists.


Enter a name for the resource and then click on Select readings, this will allow you to choose which section of your list to add. Select the readings that you want to include by clicking + add underneath your chosen item.


Finally click Save to save your resource.


Repeat the steps above for each section of your module site that you wish to add readings to.

Any changes made to your Online Reading List will automatically update the corresponding Study Direct section and will be instantly visible to your students.

For more information about Reading Lists see the Library’s Reading Lists Support page.

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