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How do I share my calendar with my colleagues when using the Outlook Web App?

You can share a calendar with colleagues from within the Outlook Web App (webmail) or from the Outlook desktop app.

To share your calendar with a colleague in OWA:

  1. Log in to OWA (the Email button in the top right of any Sussex web page)
  2. Click on the Calendar option in the bottom right of OWA
  3. Find My Calendars in the menu on the left.  Under this you will see an item called Calendar.  This is your personal calendar.
  4. Right click on this Calendar and go to Share > Share this calendar...
  5. You'll see a Sharing Invitation window.  Enter the email address of the colleague you want to share you calendar with, and select the appropriate access level.
  6. Click Send.


Please also see 2316 How do I set up a delegate to manage my calendar? and 2430 How do I delegate access for someone to be able to manage my email and calendar on my behalf? 

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Created by Sandy Radford on 8 May 2011 and last updated by Alexander Butler on 14 November 2018