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Tools: How do I roll a site forward?

A new blank Study Direct site is created for each of your modules every year. 

You may want to copy resources, files and activities from a previous year's module into your current module site.

There are three basic methods for doing this: 

Rollover - this method allows you to copy a complete site into another, empty one. A rollover cannot copy materials into a site if it already has content. 

Import - this method allows you to import an entire section or specific activities and resources into your new site. 

Backup & Restore - this method allows you to create a backup of your old site and restore it into your new site. This will give you an accurate copy of your previous site. There are many options available to you when you choose to backup and restore a site. The backup and restore can include user records and user participation if you choose.


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Created by Robert Adam Harris on 22 August 2007 and last updated by Paolo Oprandi on 5 January 2017