School of Global Studies

Modules - current academic year

TitleCodeTerms taught
FHEQ Level 3 (sub-degree)
Local Lives: Identifying Global Studies0001FAutumn Semester
Global Issues: Researching the Global0002FSpring Semester
FHEQ Level 4
Introduction to International RelationsL2008Autumn Semester
Rise of the Modern International OrderL2007Autumn Semester
The International System TodayL2009Autumn Semester
Classical Political Theory & Inter. RelaL2014NSpring Semester
Local & Global: IR in PracticeL2066Spring Semester
Short Twentieth Century and BeyondL2005Spring Semester
FHEQ Level 5
Contemporary International TheoryL2015NAutumn Semester
Intro to International Political EconomyL2024Autumn Semester
War in International PoliticsL2138Autumn Semester
Globalisation and Global GovernanceL2025Spring Semester
Security and InsecurityL2061NSpring Semester
The Politics of Foreign PolicyL2090Spring Semester
FHEQ Level 6
Activism, Development and Violence011IDAAutumn Semester
Colonialism and Modern Social Theory021IRAutumn Semester
Finance and PowerL2069AAutumn Semester
Finance and PowerL2069AIDAutumn Semester
Genocide in International Relations013IRAutumn Semester
Int Rels of the Modern Middle EastL2065AAutumn Semester
Int Rels of the Modern Middle EastL2065ADUAutumn Semester
Mercenaries, Gangs and TerroristsL7092AAutumn Semester
Palestine and the International019IRAAutumn Semester
Palestine and the International019IRAIDAutumn Semester
Policing Racial Capitalism020IRAAutumn Semester
Policing Racial Capitalism020IRAIDAutumn Semester
Political Economy of the EnvironmentL7094ADUDAutumn Semester
Political Economy of the EnvironmentL7094AAutumn Semester
Race, Gender and Global Capitalism015IRAutumn Semester
Race, Gender and Global Capitalism015IRAIDAutumn Semester
Religions in Global PoliticsL2075ADUGYAutumn Semester
Religions in Global PoliticsL2075AAutumn Semester
Religions in Global PoliticsL2075ADUDEAutumn Semester
Sex and Death in Global PoliticsL7091ADUAutumn Semester
The Arms Trade and Global (In)securitiesL7095AAutumn Semester
The Arms Trade in International PoliticsL7095ADUDEAutumn Semester
The Global Politics of Health004RADUAutumn Semester
The Global Politics of Health004RAAutumn Semester
The Politics of Armed Groups014IRIDAutumn Semester
The Politics of Armed Groups014IRAutumn Semester
The Politics of International TradeL2076ADUGYAutumn Semester
Trade, (De)Globalisation, & the New MercL2076AAutumn Semester
BA Dissertation International Relations004IRAutumn & Spring Teaching
Activism, Development and Violence011IDSSpring Semester
Activism, Development and Violence011IDSDSpring Semester
Capitalism and GeopoliticsL2062SDUSpring Semester
Capitalism and GeopoliticsL2062SSpring Semester
Colonialism and Modern Social Theory021IRIDSpring Semester
Dirty Wars?L2056SSpring Semester
East Asia Rising: Beyond the Amer Cent?L2074SSpring Semester
East Asia Rising:Beyond the America CentL2074SDUDSpring Semester
From Bombs to Algorithms016IRSSpring Semester
Global Politics of Food011IRSSpring Semester
Global Politics of Food011IRSDUSpring Semester
Global ResistanceL7090SDUDSpring Semester
Global ResistanceL7090SSpring Semester
Islamic Polit Thought in the Mod World017IRSSpring Semester
NGOs in World PoliticsL2067SSpring Semester
Politics of Terror & Glob Hist of ViolenM1014SSpring Semester
Politics of Terror and Global HistoriesM1014SIDSpring Semester
Putin, Power, PopulismL2071SSpring Semester
Putin, Power, PopulismL2071SDUDSpring Semester
What is WarL2072SSpring Semester
What is WarL2072SIDSpring Semester
What is WarL2072DASSpring Semester
FHEQ Level 7 (Masters)
Conflict, Security and Development917M1Autumn Semester
Foundations of World Politics941M1Autumn Semester
Geopolitics and International Affairs915M1Autumn Semester
Human Rights in International Relations825M9AAutumn Semester
International Relations Theory903M1Autumn Semester
International Security916M1Autumn Semester
Neoliberalism and the Global Economy924M1Autumn Semester
New Security Challenges919M1Autumn Semester
Theorising Global Political Economy936M1Autumn Semester
Discourse Analysis519X8Spring Semester
Foreign Policy Analysis932M1Spring Semester
Global Ethics and IR714IRSpring Semester
Managing Economic Instability716IRSSpring Semester
Political Economy of Global Finance906M7Spring Semester
Research Methods & Prof Skills (IR)006L2Spring Semester
Rethinking Imperialism950M1Spring Semester
Russia, Erasia & the Crisis of the Lib W998M9Spring Semester
The International Politics of Health967M1Spring Semester
The International Politics of Health967M1SIDSpring Semester
The Middle East in Global Order952M1Spring Semester
The Middle East in Global Order952M1GVCSpring Semester
War & the Politics of (Counter) Insurgen959M1Spring Semester
War and Security in North/South Persp.761M9Spring Semester
War and Security in North/South Perspect761M9SHRSpring Semester
War and Security in North/South Perspect761M9GVCSpring Semester
War and the Politics of (Counter) Insurg959M1SGVCSpring Semester
Dissertation (Conflict, Security & Dev)920M1Summer Teaching
Dissertation (Geopol & Int Affairs)922M1Summer Teaching
Dissertation (International Relations)913M1Summer Teaching
Dissertation (International Security)927M1Summer Teaching
Dissertation (IPE)935M1Summer Teaching

Please note that the University will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver courses and modules in accordance with the descriptions set out here. However, the University keeps its courses and modules under review with the aim of enhancing quality. Some changes may therefore be made to the form or content of courses or modules shown as part of the normal process of curriculum management.

The University reserves the right to make changes to the contents or methods of delivery of, or to discontinue, merge or combine modules, if such action is reasonably considered necessary by the University. If there are not sufficient student numbers to make a module viable, the University reserves the right to cancel such a module. If the University withdraws or discontinues a module, it will use its reasonable endeavours to provide a suitable alternative module.