Health and Safety

Safety Regulations and Quality Management Systems (The Quality Manual)

  • Details of all personal injuries and potentially dangerous occurrences must be reported to the Safety Coordinator or a team leader, and recorded on an accident form which is kept in room G4.07.
  • Appropriate protective clothing, gloves and eye protection must be worn during procedures that may be hazardous. Lab coats should be worn for all experimental work, and is mandatory for all genetic modification work above containment level 1. No claims for damage to person or clothing will be considered if lab coats and other appropriate protection were not worn. Eye protection must be worn for all work using UV lamps and the transilluminator.
  • Lab coats should not normally be worn outside the area of work and should be left on the hooks provided in each laboratory when not being worn. Special care must be taken when wearing gloves not to transfer contamination outside the area of work. Lab coats must not be worn in the seminar room.
  • Eating and drinking are not permitted in the laboratories at any time.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the Centre.
  • The approval of the Director, in consultation with the Safety Coordinator, must be obtained before embarking on any new and potentially hazardous procedure. If in doubt -ASK.
  • Routes to emergency exits and the exits themselves must be kept clear at all times. Bulky items such as deliveries, rubbish and other items must not be left in corridors. Cardboard boxes should be knocked flat and left outside laboratories for removal by the porter.
  • Gas cylinders must be securely clamped to a firm surface. The regulator must be removed before a cylinder is moved.
  • Any piece of potentially hazardous equipment sent for repair must be accompanied by a permit to work/risk assessment or a certificate of decontamination (available from the Safety Coordinator).
  • Glassware is the most common cause of accidents in the Centre. Follow the University of Sussex Code of Practice (SSC 42 (1a)).
  • Bottles of hot molten agar must always be conveyed in the carriers provided.
  • Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in any laboratory within the Centre. Children of staff members or attached staff may on occasion occupy offices or the seminar room provided that they are accompanied by the staff member who accepts full responsibility for their safety.
  • Avoid storing heavy or bulky objects above head height. If this is unavoidable then make sure that they are stored in a safe and stable manner. Always use the stepladders provided to retrieve anything above head height, never try to balance on a swing-chair or a stool.
  • Never remove or circumnavigate any safety provisions that have been put in place, for example, do not over-ride a lid inter-lock on a centrifuge whilst the rotor is in motion.