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Research Grant Applications

This page contains information for faculty wishing to submit a Research Grant Application.

Grant application

Grant applications are subject to the following procedure:


Timescale Guideline

Notify at least two “critical friends”, meet and discuss the outline of the proposal with one of them. Refer to faculty lists [login required] for help locating appropriate colleagues. We recommend one scientifically related colleague and one with funder experience, and preferably from outside the own research group.

6 Weeks before deadline.

Submit the grant application proforma to the REC and RDO.

6 Weeks before deadline.

(Applications may be refused if insufficient notice is given).

If required before submission, initiate review with the Research Governance Committee.

3 Weeks before deadline.

If required, ask the HoD/HoS for a letter of support.

3 weeks before deadline.

Initiate pre-submission review of the near-final draft with at least one of the “critical friends”

2 weeks before deadline.

Submit the completed grant application to the RDO. You will need to include electronic versions of the proforma, university decalration form, costing summary (provided by the RDO), and the funding body application form.

3 working days before deadline.

Submit the proposal to the funder.

For proposals where RDO needs to confirm submission, 1 day before deadline unless otherwise agreed.


Post-Decision Follow up

Please inform the Research and Enterprise Coordinator (REC) and Research Development Officer (RDO) as soon as you receive notification that your grant has been approved or has been unsuccessful, including any feedback that you may have received.


Contacts and Further Information

School Research Grant Pages:

RDO (Research Development Officer) research development support is supplied by Nile Amos.

REC (Research and Enterprise Coordinator) is Luke Scott –

DoRKE (Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange) is Thomas Nowotny –

HoD for Engineering and Design is Romeo Glovnea.

HoD for Informatics is Ian Wakeman.

HoS (Head of School) is Jonathan Bacon.



Submission forms and faculty lists

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