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As light as a lemon: How the right smell can help with a negative body image

6 September 2019

The scent of a lemon could help people feel better about their body image, new findings from University of Sussex research has revealed.

Medical Research and Life Sciences win Sussexsport's annual Rounders Tournament for the first time

5 September 2019

Medical Research and Life Sciences joined forces last week to compete for the coveted Sussexsport Rounders Tournament trophy.

Study abroad and the voice of first-year students

2 September 2019

The Global Engagement Office recently surveyed first-year undergraduate students about their study abroad, getting some very valuable findings.

Fundamentals of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education

30 August 2019

Fundamentals is the Higher Education pathway for PhD students and staff members to develop their teaching skills.

Consultation on Doctoral Strategy: Share your suggestions by 30th September

23 August 2019

The Doctoral School has launched a consultation to inform plans for doctoral study at Sussex. Work has begun to develop a set of guiding...

Learn to record your lectures on Panopto – training now live

23 August 2019

Panopto comes with a host of features that will open up new possibilities for teaching and greatly enhance the experience of our students.

Partnership with Women's Engineering Society (WES)

14 August 2019

The School of Engineering and Informatics has established a partnership with the Women's Engineering Society (WES).

Researchers create first-ever personalised sound projector with £10 webcam

6 August 2019

Researchers demonstrate the first sound projector that can track a moving individual and deliver an acoustic message as they move.

Students catch the eye at national showcase of design talent

29 July 2019

Product Design graduates catch the eye of experts at New Designers showcase.

Engineering student wins new national scholarship to support her career development

25 July 2019

Antonia Smith has won a place on the two-year Santander STEMships programme.

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