Research and knowledge exchange

Cross Sector Working

This page highlights ways in which the University is pro-actively engaging with the wider issues and developments within the area of research involving animals.

AWERB Membership

In the first instance, we demonstrate our openess to scrutiny and partnership working in our Animal Welfare Ethical Review Body membership which always includes two lay members, who usually have a scientific background. Currently our lay members are colleagues working in Further Education with a scientific background, and a colleague working in Animal Welfare in the RSPCA. 

UKRIO Animal Materials Working Group

The University Biomedical Research Facility Manager sits on the UKRIO Animal Materials Working Group which is a cross-sector group which aims to improve ethical standards and transparency around the sourcing and use of animal derived materials across a wide range of areas including research and public display such as in museums.

"The use of animal materials and/or animal-derived materials is a wide-ranging subject area in terms of material provenance, material type, purpose of use and their role within that purpose, associated legislative landscape, the requirement for ethical consideration, and encompassing these, the appropriate level of due diligence. The complexity of this topic can culminate in any number of day-to-day, on-the-ground scenarios creating challenges regarding consistency in approach and standardisation, both internally within an organisation, as well as across organisations and sectors."


University Laboratories

There are a number of named Laboratories at the University which conduct the parts of their studies which involve animals at the Biomedical Research Facility.

You can learn more about the individual Labs via the webpages below: