Sussex Estates and Facilities


All motorcycle owners must specifically register their vehicles with the Transport Office to park on campus. Motorcycle parking will still be free of charge, but you must register your motorcycle to do so.

If you wish to park on campus, please contact us at with the following details: your name, vehicle registration number, vehicle manufacturer and model, and your e-mail address.

Users of motorcycles must register their vehicles with the University but are not required to display a permit or pass to park.

Motorcycles must be parked in spaces designated for motorcycle parking. Motorcycles parked inconsiderately or causing an obstruction are liable to be removed and impounded without further notice. Security chains and devices will be cut if necessary. A charge will be levied for the return of an impounded motorcycle.

The following areas are available for motorcycle parking:

  • Pevensey 1 undercroft
  • Sport Centre on Southern Ring Road
  • Biology Road
  • Lewes Court car park (P9)
  • Jubilee car park