Sussex Estates and Facilities

Parking for visitors

General visitor parking

Parking charges are active from 9am to 5pm on weekdays.

If you are visiting the University, we have parking available for three hours only in the four car parks below, charged at £2.50 per stay.

  • P4 Sussex House car park – location 800803
  • P5 Sports Centre car park – location 800720
  • P7 Jubilee multi-storey car park – location 800850
  • Sports Complex car park – location 800804

Payment for general visitor parking is managed via PayByPhone – to pay to park in one of these car parks, download the iPhone or Android app. Alternatively, you can pay online at or call 01273 78 5599. Consult the frequently asked questions;at PayByPhone for more information. The location codes are as listed above.

Visitors cannot return to park on campus for remainder of the day following this stay, and cannot move between car parks to extend this stay.

Blue Badge holders may park on campus for free.

Scratchcards for visitors (staff only)

If you are a staff member expecting a visitor, you must supply them with a visitor scratchcard to display in the windscreen of their vehicle.

Schools, departments and other units can order books of 25 scratch cards for authorised visitors from the Transport Office via, at the cost of £52.08 (£62.50 after VAT) per book. Please supply a purchase order number when ordering. These scratch cards are not available to individual car drivers to buy for personal use.

Scratchcards are issued to visitors at the discretion of individual schools and departments. Visitors displaying a scratch card supplied by their school or department may park in any campus car park for the duration of that day. 

Visitor scratchcards are different to standard staff scratchcards, which must be displayed alongside a valid pass-to-park.

Reserved visitor parking (staff only)

If you are a staff member at the University, and you have arranged for a visitor to attend an event or meeting on campus, you can reserve a space for your visitor to use.

Contact the Transport Office at to request the allocation of a space in Sussex House car park (P4). You will need to provide the visitor's car registration number, and their expected times of arrival and depature. 24 hours' notice is required for reservations. You must supply a visitor scratchcard for your visitor to display in the windscreen of their vehicle.

Reserved visitor spaces are indicated by large blue signs in Sussex House car park, containing the visitor's registration number and the time period of the reservation.

Only University staff can book reserved parking for visitors – students cannot reserve parking spaces, and visitors cannot reserve parking spaces for themselves.

Parking for events

For schools and departments coordinating events with a large number of visitors, please contact the Transport Office for more information about advance purchase of scratchcards, and/or special parking arrangements to accommodate a large number of visitors. Please note that campus events must first be booked with the Service Centre.

Parking for minibuses and coaches for Sussexsport events is available on request through the Sussexsport team. Parking for sports events is booked for the P1 Science car park and P5 Sport Centre car park. If you need to arrange for other minibus or coach parking, please contact the Transport Office.

The conferences and events team at Space with Us issues permits to conference visitors as part of the conference booking procedure.

There is no parking charge for visitors on open days and applicant visit days; visitors will be escorted to a parking space by attendants on the day.