Sussex Estates and Facilities

Parking on B&HAFC football match days

Please be aware that the below car parks are reserved for Brighton & Hove Albion ticket holders on football match days at the Amex Stadium.

If you are planning to park on campus during a football match, we recommend you use the Jubilee Multi-Storey car park (P7), or any other available parking space towards the north end of campus.

A number of car parks on the south side of campus are frequently used for parking by Brighton & Hove Albion FC season-ticket holders who are attending matches at the Amex Community Stadium. 

The University works closely with the club to seek to ensure that match days and major University events do not clash. The dates in this table may be subject to change, as the Universities of Sussex and Brighton can make a request to the club to re-arrange matches where they conflict with major University events.

The table below provides an up-to-date list of the days and times when specific car parks are reserved. Football matches will typically impact car parks P1 (Science Car Park), P3 (Biology Road), P4 (Sussex House), and P5 (Sport Centre).

Dates (2023/24)TimeFixtureCategory
Saturday 12 August 3pm Luton Premier League
Saturday 26 August 5.30pm West Ham Premier League
Saturday 2 September 5.30pm Newcastle Premier League
Saturday 24 September 2pm Bournemouth Premier League
Saturday 7 October 3pm Liverpool Premier League
Saturday 28 October 3pm Fulham Premier League
Saturday 11 November 3pm Sheffield United Premier League
Tuesday 5 December 7.45pm Brentford Premier League
Saturday 9 December 3pm Burnley Premier League
Tuesday 26 December 3pm Spurs Premier League
Saturday 13 January 3pm Wolves Premier League

Car parks at the University can also be reserved for events being held on campus.

See a full list of available car parks on campus.