Sussex Estates and Facilities

Bus travel

All student bus users need to verify their student status to access cheaper tickets on the B&H Buses app.

You only need to verify your status once – after it has been done you can generally continue to purchase student tickets without re-verification until the expiry date on your ID card.

See more information via the Brighton & Hove Buses website.

No buses will enter campus between 6.30am and 3pm on UCU industrial action days during February and March, and will instead stop at the A27 Falmer Station bus stop. For more information, visit the Student Hub.

Buses are at peak capacity during term time

As we are now in term time, with thousands of staff and students travelling to and from campus every day, Brighton & Hove Buses services to campus (primarily routes 23 and 25) are at peak capacity during regular working and studying hours, i.e. from 8am to 6pm.

We recommend using the Falmer Station bus stop at peak busy times, where alternative services such as the 28 and 29 routes are available for travel towards Brighton, Lewes, and other local areas.

For more information and bus timetables, visit the Brighton & Hove Buses website.

Travel time between the campus and central Brighton is about 20 minutes. 

For all services provided by Brighton & Hove buses, see bus timetables and information.

RouteDirectionFrequencyFull Timetable
25 Central Brighton and Hove, terminating at Palmeira Square, Portslade Station, or Old Steine Regular services during the day Brighton & Hove buses
23 Service to the Brighton Marina via Hanover, Queens Park, and the County Hospital Regular services during the day Brighton & Hove buses
28/29 Service between Brighton and Tunbridge Wells, stopping outside campus Approximately every 15 minutes at peak time Brighton & Hove buses
5B Hollingbury to Hangleton via Preston Circus, stopping at the University Every half hour at peak time Brighton & Hove buses
N25 Night time service from Old Steine to the University Regular services from midnight to 5am Brighton & Hove buses

All students and staff can travel for free by bus within the University campus. Buses leaving campus will be subject to standard rates.

Bus tickets for students

For more information on buying bus tickets and current bus fare rates, visit the Brighton & Hove buses website.

Students can buy one-week, three-month and yearly tickets from; One Stop Travel, North Street, Brighton; or Brighton & Hove Bus Company office, Conway Street, Hove. One-week tickets can also be purchased from USSU shops on campus.

We would like to remind students that when showing a 'student mticket', you must also show appropriate student ID to the bus driver. Failure to do so will mean the full adult fare will have to be paid.

Bus tickets for staff

Sussex staff can obtain a 10% discount on Brighton & Hove networkSAVER bus tickets (7 day, 28 day, 90 day and annual) using the key smartcard. This discount is also obtainable by registering for the easit scheme. Note that 1 day, Pay Monthly networkSAVERS and citySAVER tickets are not included.

Easit membership also entitles staff to free Stagecoach Day Rider gold tickets for travel across Sussex, Surrey & Hampshire, as well as discounted tickets on Stagecoach services in the Brighton area.

Improvements to the bus service

As a key 'customer', the University liaises with the bus companies to look at ways they can improve existing services and provide new ones.

Ongoing discussions are held between the Transport Manager and the bus companies to try to ensure that bus services bus routes are reliable and frequent, and that they meet the needs of our staff and students.


To help accommodate members of the University and the general public with hidden disabilities or mobility issues that may not be immediately apparent, Brighton & Hove Buses have introduced the Helping Hand scheme - a yellow card or badge that quickly advises of any assistance the user may require in a discreet manner.

This can include a mobility issue, visual impairment, a hidden medical condition, or anything else that may affect your journey that the driver can help you with. The card also has space for your name and emergency contact in the case of an emergency.

Helping Hand is used on numerous local transport services, and is quickly expanding to a variety of businesses and services across the UK. For more information, visit the Brighton & Hove Buses website.