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Meet your Student Experience Team


Associate Dean (Student Experience)

Dr Melanie Green Melanie Green

Directors of Student Wellbeing

(Year 1)


Dr Katherine Farrimond (Autumn)

Dr John Doyle (Spring/Summer)

 Katherine Farrimond John Doyle

Directors of Student Wellbeing

(Year 2)


Dr Andrew Blair (Autumn)

Prof Alisa Lebow (Spring/Summer)

 Andrew Blair Professor Alisa Lebow

Director of Student Wellbeing

(Year 3/4 and PGT)

Dr Feras Alkabani (Autumn, Spring/Summer)

 Feras Alkabani

Student Welfare Advocates

 Year 1


Year 2

Year 3/4




Student Experience Officer

Naomi Harris  Naomi Harris

Senior Student Engagement Coordinator

Mike Rowland Mike Rowland

Student Experience Coordinator

Simon Doyle  

Student Experience Coordinator

Lottie Forster-Bunting  

Contact the Student Experience Team 

01273 872805