Safeguarding Panel

Key Role

Following an internal audit of Safeguarding measurements in February 2020 the University created a Safeguarding Panel in May 2020 to maintain oversight of University wide safeguarding arrangements including any third-party partnership arrangements, and to ensure compliance.

The Safeguarding Panel is responsible for the implementation of the recommended actions as a result of the KPMG internal audit and to conduct a baseline review of safeguarding arrangements and associated action plan to improve safeguarding arrangements.

A Safeguarding Working Group has also been established which will be delegated tasks and report into the Safeguarding Panel.

Additionally, to approve the draft University policy/framework and approve the publication of information on the University webpages.

Terms of Reference

a)       to maintain oversight of the University wide safeguarding arrangements including third party partnership arrangements, and to ensure compliance of regulatory requirements;

b)      oversight of arrangements refers to both central and devolved (to Schools and Professional Services Division), including assurance that risk assessments are in place;

c)       to assess whether local safeguarding policies are required and where they are what they must contain;

d)      to receive the outcome and recommendations of relevant regulatory and compliance reviews, e.g. DBS and take necessary action;

e)      set safeguarding expectations for third party partnership arrangements (both academic and commercial partners);

f)        to submit regular reports, as required, to the OfS, as the monitoring authority, following approval by the Vice Chancellor and Council;

g)       to receive reports from the Safeguarding Working Group as delegate by the panel



  • General Counsel (Chair)
  • Director for Student Experience
  • Director for Human Resources
  • Head of School, Education and Social Work


Co-opted (as required):

  • The Chair may co-opt members of particular expertise as required.


In attendance:

  • Director of Human Resources, Institute of Development Studies
  • Assistant Director of Student Experience, International Study Centres, UK & Europe
  • Research Governance Officer, Research and Enterprise Services
  • Senior Manager, Governance and Compliance (Secretary)



Reports to

The University of Sussex Safeguarding Panel meets termly and reports to the Vice Chancellor, through the University’s Executive Group (UEG) and to Council, as the Governing Body of the University.


The meeting is considerate quorate when two of the four members are present.