Division of General Counsel, Governance and Compliance

About committees

The composition and Terms of Reference of each University Committee is set out in the Organisation of the University. The number of Committees is kept under review to minimise the time and resources they consume.

The format of the Agenda and papers for Committee meetings and the timely dispatch of papers should follow common University protocols and house style. Detailed information is set out in Effective Committee Management: the role of the Secretary

Summaries of the key elements are set out in:

The dates and times of the main Committees are published in the Committee Calendar

Unless special provision is made in a Committee's constitution, deputies are not normally allowed to stand in for occasional meetings, although in the event of illness or absence for a significant period deputies will be permitted by special arrangement with the Chair concerned.

The quorum for meetings of the Statutory Bodies (Court, Council and Senate) is specified in the Statutes. For those Committees where no quorum is prescribed, Senate has approved Senate standing orders which, although they do not apply formally to other bodies, are used as advice to Committee Chairs about the procedure of business.

Any change to membership of Committees should be notified to the Governance office who will advise on the appropriate action to be taken to effect such changes.

About Policies

When drafting policies please use the template below and seek guidance from General Counsel, Governance and Compliance if you have any queries.