Support guides


Document Name Format
How to Use WebForms Word PDF
Associate Tutors
Associate Tutors (Adding Members to a Pool) Word PDF
Associate Tutors (Adding Adjustments) Word PDF
Associate Tutors (Approving Finance Payments) Word PDF
Associate Tutors (Creating New Pools) Word PDF
Associate Tutors (Approving Payments at School Level) Word PDF
Updating Committees Word PDF
Course and Module Management
Teaching Allocation
Course Maintenance Word PDF
Module Maintenance Word PDF
Recording Mitigating Evidence Submissions
Enter Resit/Sit Assessment Marks
Assessments Background Data
Examination Board Reports
Examinations Candidate Details Manual
Examinations Questions Manual
Enter Assessment Marks
International Liaison Contacts System
International Liaison Contacts System Word PDF
International Liaison Contacts System - Account Management FAQ Word PDF
People and Organisations
Person Enquiry Word PDF
Person-Group Memberships Word PDF
Student Query Word PDF
Staff Development
Staff Development Screens Word PDF
Staff Development Screens (for TEL) Word PDF
Student Admissions
Emailing Applicants Word PDF
Looking for Applicants by Course Word PDF
Online PG Admissions Process Word PDF
PG Applications Process Word PDF
Student Advisors
Student Advisor Screens Word PDF
Passport Scanning
 Passport Scanning - Quick Notes Word PDF
 Passport Scanning - Full Notes Word PDF

Cognos reports

Name Description Link
Getting started with v10 Quick notes for using Cognos Reports (version 10) [pdf]
Getting started with v11 Quick notes for using Cognos Reports (version 11) [pdf]
Cognos 11 Basic Navigation [pdf]

Sussex Direct

Budget Reports Printing your Budget Reports in Sussex Direct [excel] [pdf]
Committees Managing Committee documents and view meetings [word] [pdf]
Electronic Purchase Order System How to use the ePO [word] [pdf]
Incident Reporting Log - Health and Safety Used by Health and Safety Advisors to report incidents [word] [pdf]
Incident Reporting Log - Security Used by Security Officers to report incidents [word] [pdf]
Curriculum Planning - Full Notes Used by Academics and Curriculum Administrators to plan new curriculum [pdf]
Curriculum Planning - Quick Notes Used by Academics and Curriculum Administrators to plan new curriculum [pdf]
Course-Booking facility How to book yourself onto a training course [word] [pdf]
PG Research Students Online Web Profile What it is and how to get one [web page]  
Publications List Guidelines for your Web Profile Publications List [word] [pdf]
Email Alias Search Searching for centrally maintained aliases [word] [pdf]

Course Evaluation Questionnaires   

Viewing the results for a course evaluation questionnaire from the Searches tab



Student Representatives Viewing information on your student representatives [word] [pdf]
Assessment Convening Guidelines for Assessment Convening [for Assessment Convenors - new] [word] [pdf]
Coursework Convening Guidelines for Coursework Convening [for Assessment Convenors - old]
Programme Convening Guidelines for Programme Convenors [word] [pdf]
Standard Provisions: School Support Guidelines for Student Advisors on Standard Provisions pilot scheme [word] [pdf]
Standard Provisions: Teaching Guidelines for Academic Staff on Standard Provisions pilot scheme [word] [pdf]
Student Consultation Times Information on using the Student Consultation Times facility [word] [pdf]
Teaching Guidelines for Tutors [word] [pdf]
Event Booking Guidelines for the Event Booking system [word] [pdf]
Event Booking(short) Short Guide to Event Booking system [word] [pdf]

Online postgraduate admissions

Online Postgraduate Application system



Updated on 5 March 2021