University term dates

You can find key dates in the University calendar, such as term dates, on the main Term dates page.

Adding the Term Dates calendar

The University provides a Corporate Calendar which incldes key dates throughout the year.

You can add the Term Dates calendar to Outlook by following these steps:

  1. Go into your Calendar page within Outlook and right-click on ‘My Calendars.’
  2. Choose ‘Add Calendar’ and ‘From Internet.’
  3. In the box that pops up, paste this address into the field:[]=222637

    and press ok.
  4. When the next box pops up, hit ‘Advanced.’
  5. In ‘Folder Name’ you can enter the title you’d like to use – e.g. ‘Term Dates’ – for the feed, then hit ‘OK’ again.
  6. Then hit ‘Yes’ and you should see the new calendar listed with your other calendars.

Overlaying Calendars in Outlook

You can overlay one calendar on another in Outlook, so you can see your own calendar and the Term Dates calendar at the same time.

To find out how to overlay calendars, please visit this Microsoft guide and scroll down to Overlay the Calendars.

View the Term Dates online

For more information, to view the calendar online, or for other University calendars, please see the Corporate Calendar page.

Updated on 27 April 2021