Multifunctional devices (MFD's)

Integrated devices which provide cheaper, more efficient and less wasteful printing, photocopying and scanning. They are available to staff and students across the campus.

New print service

multi function device

Brand new Multifunctional devices (MFDs) are being rolled out across campus, so that staff and students can print, copy and scan at a range of convenient locations.

Collecting prints from an MFD means:

  • Less waste
    As documents are only printed on collection, overall print volumes are expected to reduce over the next two years
  • More efficient
    The University will significantly reduce its annual carbon usage by using less paper and more efficient hardware
  • Lower cost
    Student print costs will be reduced in 2017 as these savings are passed onto users

Using MFD's



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General information about printing

Replacing paper and fixing problems

Printers in student areas will be managed by IT Services as normal. Devices are regularly checked by ITS staff to make sure they have sufficient paper and toner. Paper for MFDs in staff areas can be refilled from stocks nearby and IT Serivces will work alongside their supplier to replace toner cartridges and fix any problems.

Reporting faults
Contact the IT Service Desk to report a problem

Updated on 27 April 2021