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I cannot log in to the IT Services PCs, Macs, Sussex Direct... Why?

There are several possible reasons for this.

  1. Firstly, when you enter your login name, does it appear in CAPITALS? If so, look at the "Caps Lock" indicator at the top-right of the keyboard. If it is lit, then switch it off by pressing the Caps Lock key (on left of keyboard) once. This is important because most systems are "case sensitive" (it treats upper- and lowercase letters differently). If your login name appears in CAPITALS then it almost certainly won't be recognised (or your password) and will need to be repeated in lower-case letters.

  2. A second reason may be that you have typed your password incorrectly. If you have forgotten your password, please follow the instructions in FAQ 382 to reset it.

  3. A third (unlikely) reason may be that the machine may be overloaded or faulty at that moment and is unable to accept your login  - try again later.

  4. A fourth reason may be that access to your account may have been suspended for one reason or another, in which case you should see a message on your screen advising you what to do. If you do not see such a message, ask at the ITS Service Desk in Shawcross.

  5. Finally, your password may have been changed for some other reason. Contact ITS Service Desk in Shawcross to obtain a new password.  Or, follow the instructions in FAQ 382.

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Created by Andy Clews on 27 July 2001 and last updated by Alexander Butler on 15 September 2018