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Buddy Scheme and Peer Support Groups

The Buddy Scheme is a peer-to-peer support scheme coordinated by the Students’ Union to help new students settle into life at University and in Brighton. New students are matched with current students, who provide informal support. There’s also a series of events for Buddies, including afternoon tea and day trips.

“It made me so much more comfortable arriving here knowing that there was someone at the university who I’ve talked to and who could help me out. The trips have been so helpful, because they’ve gotten me off campus and given me the opportunity to do things I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Finally, I’ve met my very best friend here through the Buddy Scheme. My experience here would have been very different without her, so I appreciate that.”

In this video, Jane Trueman from the Students’ Union talks about the Buddy Scheme:

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If you're looking to form long-term connections with your fellow postgraduate researchers you could join our Online Peer Support Groups scheme, which has been running since the spring. Staying in touch with other researchers throughout your research degree can help combat isolation, provide motivation and improve your wellbeing, as well as boost your research. 

See the Online Peer Support Groups website for further information and resources, and to sign up to be paired with other researchers who best meet your needs.

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