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Supervisory meetings

The frequency of your supervisory meetings will depend on the nature of your research project and your supervisor’s commitments. If you’re a lab-based scientist, you’re likely to see your supervisor most days; researchers in the Arts & Humanities, on the other hand, might only have contact once a month. Typically, you’ll get more support in the early months while you’re defining your project.

You are required to either meet with your supervisor or attend a Researcher Development Programme  event at least once a month. For this reason, meetings with your supervisor must be recorded through Sussex Direct, an online portal for staff and students. You’ll need your Sussex login before you can access this area. Once you’re in, click on the Study tab, then Timetable, then Event Bookings. You’ll see Record Contact in the heading of your event list. This system ensures both you and your supervisor have logged the details of the meeting and any agreed actions.

Record Contact

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