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Supervision FAQs

How often should I meet my supervisor(s)?

This will depend on your academic discipline, the nature of your research project, and your supervisor’s commitments. However, you should meet at least once a month. You may require more frequent sessions in the first few months of your research degree.

What do I do if there’s a problem with my supervision?

It’s important to address any problems immediately. Please take a look at the Dealing with Supervisory Problems page for more information.

Can I change my supervisor(s)?

Yes. Assuming you have made reasonable attempts to resolve any difficulties, you can contact your Director of Doctoral Studies to request a change. If the Director is also your supervisor, you should speak to your Head of School.  You may also want to seek advice from your student representative, the Students’ Union, or the Student Centre. For guidance on who you can talk to, please see our contacts page.

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