Planning and Performance

The University Operations and Strategic Planning team supports the development of the University through the provision of strategic and operational planning services and plays a key role in supporting the annual academic and business planning cycles.

The University Operations and Strategic Planning team produces high quality data and reports for a wide range of senior managers, stakeholders, projects and planning activities that are focused on the generation, analysis, quality assurance and presentation of information.

The team is responsible for the preparation and / or quality assurance of a range of statutory returns to external agencies such as the Office for Students, for monitoring of performance through KPIs and other reporting and provides analysis of league table results.

When planning support is required, requests should be made using our central e-mail address. This account is checked continuously throughout the day and is the most appropriate and effective way to request support from the team. It also helps the team manage work and priorities and means we are better able to provide a timely and high quality service.

Please note that these pages are currently in the process of being updated and more detailed information will be available soon.


Planning Team

Kay Jones - Director of University Operations and Strategic Planning