Finance Division

Company and Tax Reference Numbers

You may sometimes be asked for the University's company or VAT registration numbers. You will find these below.

Company Registration numbers

The University’s company registration number is RC000672. It has an RC prefix as the University was established by royal charter.

The company registration numbers for the University’s main subsidiaries are as follows:

  • Sussex Innovation Centre Management Ltd: 2943738
  • Sussex Innovation Centre Development Ltd: 2951828
  • Sussex Estates and Facilities LLP: OC388673

This Corporate Structure Chart gives an overview of the University's Corporate Structure, including subsidiaries and associate undertakings, and joint ventures.

VAT Registration number

The University’s VAT registration number is GB 692 7123 20. This applies to the University VAT group that comprises the University, Sussex Estates and Facilities LLP and Sussex UH Ltd.

The following subsidiaries are not part of the VAT group and have their own VAT registration numbers.

  • Sussex Innovation Centre Management Ltd: GB 619 9852 86
  • Sussex Innovation Centre Development Ltd: GB 654 3372 35

Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number

The University’s Unique Tax Reference (UTR) is 4117088610.

Corporation or COTAX number

The University’s Corporation tax number 922/4117088610.

EORI number

An EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) number is required for any organisation that wishes to import or export goods outside the UK. Since the UK left the EU it is important that the University’s EORI number is given to couriers importing goods into the UK on the University’s behalf. Without an EORI number HMRC may insist on payment of VAT before they will allow goods to enter the UK, which can result in unnecessary delays. EORI numbers are based on VAT registration numbers.

The University’s EORI number is GB692712320000

XI EORI Number

An XI EORI number is required for moving goods between the UK and Northern Ireland. Couriers handing goods imported from or exported to Northern Ireland will require an XI EORI number. It may also be requested by suppliers based in Northern Ireland.

The University’s XI EORI number is XI692712320000

Dun and Bradstreet DUNS number

Occasionally couriers may ask for the University’s DUNS number. This is 22-841-9990. The postcode associated with this number is BN1 9RH.